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Often times when we are sick we can find it hard to do any kind of tasks at all. However, it is important to continue to take care of your body even when you are at your worst. Although you’re often told to conserve energy while you are sick, you should still find the time to deliver a modest amount of work towards keeping your oral health safe. This includes cleaning your mouth as needed and staying hydrated whenever possible.

If you continually find yourself suffering from an illness, it could be linked to a variety of issues within your body. However, if you do have a cold and the flu, it can increase your risk for several health ailments as well. Thus, it is important to make sure you continue to care for your teeth and gums while you are sick. This includes practicing effective daily routines such as brushing and flossing. Make sure that the tools you are using are not contaminated, so you will not spread further illness around during or after your sickness. As usual, remember to never use someone else’s toothbrush and never let anyone use your toothbrush. It is also important to stay hydrated and have enough saliva in your mouth to help neutralize acids and wash away debris and bacteria.

Often when you’re sick, you might find yourself throwing up. If you do vomit, be aware that stomach acids will travel up your esophagus and into your mouth. These acids have the ability to slowly wear away your tooth enamel. To effectively clean away these acids, you will need to use a non-abrasive cleaning tool. This is because your teeth will be extra sensitive and prone to dental abrasion after meals. Unfortunately, that means you will need to avoid brushing and using toothpaste immediately after throwing up. Instead, try using mouthwash or a saliva-producing tool such as sugarless chewing gum.

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