Myobrace® involves a system of orthodontic techniques, called “myofunctional”, that straighten your teeth and jaws without requiring braces. This process addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth: poor oral habits or poor myofunctinal habits. There is a close association between myofunctional habits, facial growth, and malocclusion. Myobrace focuses on the relationship between the bad myofunctional habits, arch form, and tooth position.

At Dental Professionals LLC, we are pleased to offer Myobrace in Derby, Kansas, to improve the following characteristics:

  • facial growth
  • dental alignment
  • stability of orthodontic treatment

Be aware that although Myobrace looks similar to a mouth guard, that is not its intended use. However, it does help with bruxism. This appliance is not suitable to non-motivated patients, or cases where the malocclusion is so extreme that the child cannot hold the appliance in their mouth. There is some sensitivity in the beginning days of treatment, but there is usually no pain.

Our dentists, Dr. Ysidro, Dr. Bo Zhang and Dr. Barakeh, are fully informed on the research, appliances, and treatments associated with Myobrace. The results of this appliance can be successfully seen at any age, but the best success is between the ages of 4-15 years old, and is a more comfortable option for those wanting straighter teeth. Please call 316-788-2118 for more information about this unique treatment.