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Are you aware of how important it is to wear mouth guards during physical activities to protect your teeth and gums? Not only are mouth guards designed to help keep your teeth safe, but they can also help prevent various forms of damage that may arise with your jaw. However, there are different types of mouth guards, so you may need to visit our dentist to determine which one is best for you.

If you’re looking for a customized mouth guard, you’ll need to visit our dentist so that appropriate care can be specifically crafted for your dental profile. Once a mouth guard is firmly established and created to your oral health care needs, it will need to be cared for properly. A failure to care for your mouth guard can leave you susceptible to various oral health risks. If your mouth guard is contaminated, it may need to be sanitized or replaced. To prevent contamination, always make sure to store it properly and rinse it off with cool, soapy water if they should ever end up dirty. Furthermore, if you notice that it is no longer fitting well or begins to not fit right, visit our dentist for a replacement. Never leave your mouth guard sitting anywhere where anyone can find it and never use it in situations where it hinders your cleaning routines.

For more information about mouth guards, you can speak with Dr. Carol Ysidro and our team by calling us at 316-788-2118. If you require a comprehensive oral exam cleaning from Dental Professionals LLC, our dental office is located in Derby, Kansas.