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Have you ever wondered what is contained in teeth whitening products? How does it work? Are they all the same? What about the safety of using over-the-counter teeth whiteners versus letting the dentist do it? Here is what you need to know.

The common bleaching ingredient in teeth whitening gel is called carbamide peroxide—which is found in all whitening gels and becomes hydrogen peroxide when broken down after application to the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide undergoes a chemical reaction with the stains and any deep discoloration on your teeth.

There are two types of whitening gels that are on the market today: slow-acting and quick-acting. Slow-acting store bought kits and some take-home trays contain whitening gel with approximately 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide. These are low-dose applications that take longer to see results. Higher concentrations of quick-acting whiteners can only be done in-office by your dentist. These are many times stronger, containing up to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. Because of this, you can see immediate results right away from a single visit to your dentist, whereas the over-the-counter kits may require several applications and still show mixed results.

While all whitening products on the market have undergone extensive testing and are considered safe, many people (up to 78 percent) will experience sensitive teeth after teeth whitening treatment. Talk to us if you have questions.

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